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by Adriana Terrén

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ARMOR. 03:54
Loving harder Boy, know that I tried and I just loved you louder I pulled the pride apart and took away the armor I felt it was enough, didn’t meant to be lauded The consciousness of it hit at the eleventh hour Tell me if you thought I did pretend Say the reason why You lied, my friend Was it your revenge for breaking your heart? Tell me if you get To tell her apart [CJ Brotha:] You know I tell you truths You know I tell you lies No I'm not with her stop harassing me for alibis Interrogating... can we have a conversation? For you drop the charges You the one that dropped me On a text tho' Now I gotta feel bad 'cause you feel stressed tho' I mean forget that shit Although I miss that shit I think your love is a little fucking twisted Why the hell you say if you ain't tryna go the distance You call me after midnight, honestly I'm not against this but don’t you think that you the only name on the hit list Now get this: Yeah, you the queen of 2017 In the past, throw it back You the type to make a trap Take a heart and let it suffocate Wear a mask with a double face Two sided only hold it down when you used to ride it So I'll let you decide it Nah, fuck that you decide it CH. x2 [CJ Brotha:] In the way we used to have it Feel like we losing magic And the way we used to do it You got me acting stupid Body armor but we still breaking through Body armor and you still shaking, uh
RIVER. 00:44
OCEAN. 03:54
[Justin Dattie:] Baby, don’t you get it? Didnt know that dick was so good when you got it Feeling kinda special, kinda busy But now now baby, come get it [Adriana Terrén:] I can tell by your look That you still aim at me Don’t want to realize I’m a part of your fantasy My body is missing you Is it okay? Hard to control the chills Thinking how you whisper my name (CH.) I only want to cum on you Have you under for longer I don’t want to bother you I just need some of your skin Let me treat you right You know I know how to do it So, sugar, let me treat you right I can keep you up all night Let’s enjoy each other’s company Giving you the best of me [Justin Dattie:] I’m in my feelings kind of feeling kinda alone tonight Why don’t you come over like the other night? Feeling, notion My body, the ocean [Adriana Terrén:] CH. [Both:] I’m in my feelings kind of feeling kinda alone tonight Why don’t you come over like the other night? [Justin Dattie:] Let me go on Netflix while you fuck me, baby Let me go on Netflix while you fuck me, baby
AUDIO. 02:01
Been looking for protection Rather cry in a Givenchy dress Couldn't handle this mess Seeking hard feeling like noone else Satisfied emptiness With a little cash Even thought I still feel like trash But with you that on top of tasting ash Catch it’s not you Boy, don’t get confused Just don’t get confused, babe I can see your look Boy, don’t get confused Just don’t get confused Gimme what I’m looking for If you want my bloom Don’t call me I’m not calling you Gonna search for something new Real love I'm searching for the real love Someone to set my heart free Real love I'm searching for a real love Verse 1 CH.
IMMERSE. 04:23
Am I wrong Implying you feel it? I can feel your body shaking Do you like it When I caress this? Do you like it? Do you see me When your eyes are closed? Do you want me? I know you like to drown between my thighs, my love know you like to immerse Yourself inside my body and soul May I touch here? My hands are warming You won’t feel cold anymore Do you like it If I kiss you here? Do you like it? What d’you imagine When your eyes are closed? CH. Love never felt so good Night’n night’n night’n on Focused on me and you Time don’t pass around the clock Whispers, smooth chills and silence Baby, I know... CH.
STARRY. 00:38
COSMIC. 04:01
[Adriana Terrén:] You don't listen to your thoughts You’re afraid to lose But you don’t know if we’ll be winning I can understand you’re confused But we may be missing some kinda cosmic kisses When you’re around I know you feel the same There’s nobody else but us in the place Say I shouldn’t want it That I will go mad But I couldn’t help To put my eyes on you, my bad [Devonte:] I know what you said bout me I know that you said that I cant change fuck it baby Iʼm in my range cruising the scene Iʼm in my lane Rock it to the beat, iʼm so in the pocket dig it dig it deeper told me donʼt you stop it you know iʼm a rocket shooting off off off off I get it, I get it, I get it, ahh get it all get it all lick it off, make a nigga gone and get and get involved I canʼt stop for you, stop for you, stop for you stop Loving on top, you know I like that yeah yeah [Adriana Terrén:] (CH.1) Let’s be wild for a while Come to me slow Just feel the vibe No pressure Noone’s gonna talk if we hide Sex me up I know you want it You know you want it [Devonte:] Why you talking like that, that, that I know you finna fight back, back, back you always talking that smack, smack, smack Love to smack that ass jiggle shake You don’t even care when I'm late oil in the bath, on my way pedal to the gas, play no games Always telling your friends, telling friends That we got plans, yeah, we got plans Well you tripping if you think they ainʼt biting pray the Lord they donʼt try me Not down for one night’n [Adriana Terrén:] (CH.2) Let’s be wild for a while Come to me slow Just feel the vibe No pressure Noone’s gonna talk if we hide Sex me up I know you want it You know you want it Quit controlling the inner fierce When the feeling’s real And time’s going by If nothing is wrong why we wont give it a try Help me understand your mind
DAZED. 03:33
We, We’re just gonna dance until the sunrise Take me, hold me close and feel the beat vibes Let’s forget what’s in our heads and feel right Babe, just don’t expect the worst, rock by my side Moving slow, just let it go, don’t think twice We both know the way we will end tonight Tonight I’m gonna be your ecstasy Hope you ready Let your thoughts flow naturally Realize you want me Tonight Tonight Girl, Bet you tremble wondering what’s right Inside this four walls there’s nothing to hide Relax, take a sip, free your mind Hey, Let me take you high, if you wanna climb Focus on me, baby, loose no time This I know, I’m not going alone tonight Let me take you home Got all under control Won’t leave you on your own Go, baby, call my name No need to play this game You’ll never feel the same
DEMONS. 03:36
Red light Got curious for the colors of my shape Dark side A little bite, a bitter taste, dont be afraid Get it right Risk it all, we didn’t come here to pretend Hold up Get used to it and realize, take it step by step Don't restrain yourself There’s nothing you can do Bodies wining with bodies The rising heat is true Veil your halo, baby Try to end the guilt Face the matter My demons, my appeal My demons, my appeal Closed eyes Feel the vibes in your spine Dry lips Searching for some drink to calm down Lights out Guessing every touch moving around Daylight Time when you gotta face what you broke down This state of grave bodily well being, and also a need for closeness to others So what are MDMA's effects on sex? They allow you to get things that were in you all the time, get them out They're there in you, but you don't have access
REVENGE. 00:58
RUN. 03:12
This anger that fills my body Still hides the knot inside the throat I lost my chance to do right in time But swore I would come back with more STRONGER You devastated me Deluded me Stole my light You fucked me over The tables turned Now I'm the one Who has your neck Gripped by my arms (CH.) You, the demon in my head Going round for years I won't shut my mouth no more You're gonna feel the fear That too much you couldn’t handle You couldn’t control That bitch that broke her back for you Has grown old You drove me mad You thought I was weak I built my walls Broken inside You stole my cries Turned ‘em to black tears Now you’re gonna cry You, you will regret, boy You’re gonna deny Won’t believe a damn word RUN I want your blood Your suffering I want your teeth Against the curb RUN For each bruise For being abused For the mistreatment I'll go after you You’re gonna cry You will regret You’re gon’ deny I won’t forget You’re gonna cry You will regret You’re gon’ deny I won’t forget


released November 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Adriana Terrén Madrid, Spain

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